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Rules & regulations for obtaining BASIX-Certificate have been altered


The NSW Department of Planning & Environment has announced that the rules and regulations for obtaining a BASIX-certificate will become more stringent. The BASIX-Certificate is needed for launching your Development Application (DA-Plan). The changes will complicate obtaining your certificate and make the entire process more costly. The changes will take effect on the 1st of July 2017.

What is BASIX? 

BASIX stands for Building Sustainability Index and their aim is to deliver equitable, effective water and reduction of greenhouse gas across New South Wales. Over the past years BASIX has become one of the strongest sustainable planning measures in Australia and it has reduced water and energy consumption in numerous homes across NSW, saving money on the long term while contributing to a sustainable future. BASIX is part of the development application (DA) process in NSW and it applies to all residential dwelling types.

Our recommendations:

So if you are planning to launch a DA-plan any time soon; take a second and read the following recommendations The Site Foreman has to share with you:

  • Finalise any projects or ongoing Development Applications before 30 June 2017
  • Start implementing the new requirements for the new financial year
  • If you are lodging a Development Application after the 1st of July please make sure that you factor in low-e or double glazing and a small (1-2 kW) PV system into your packages/ pricing.
  • When applying choose for the additional analysis while it is just a small fraction of the blanket upgrade

Although the application has been complicated and the costs of it might have risen, in the long run it is expected that it will save NSW’s household owners over half a billion dollars in the next couple of decades.

Want to know more? 
For more information regarding the changes made and how it might affect your plans, follow this link: