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The Site Foreman is a leading group of architects and residential project managers based in Sydney’s Inner West.

Specialising in custom design new homes, major home renovations and extensions, duplexes, boarding houses as well as multi-residential projects.

Our architects will design a home that is uniquely yours.


Sydney Inner West Architect Knockdown Rebuild Croydon Before PicSydney Inner West Architect Knockdown Rebuild Croydon After Pic

this team delivered more than a house, they delivered our home” – Micheal & Annette, Croydon

A special knockdown rebuild project which our clients, Michael and Annette, had envisaged for 10 years

Major renovation and extension with heritage home architect expertise - Croydon, Sydney Inner WestMajor renovation and extension with heritage home architect expertise - Croydon, Sydney Inner West

Major renovation and rear extension in conservation area using heritage home architect expertise.

Before and After of Major Home Renovation and Extension by Sydney Architect, The Site Foreman, Gladesville, Inner West.Before and After of Major Home Renovation and Extension by Sydney Architect, The Site Foreman, Gladesville, Inner West.

With creative architechture, natural light is maximised using clever roof angles. The extension of the living area created a beautiful outdoor space for this young family to entertain and relax at home.

Sydney Architects and Project Managers, The Site Foreman transformed this Balmain Cottage from 2 to 3 bedroomsSydney Architects and Project Managers, The Site Foreman transformed this Balmain Cottage with an extension from two to three bedroom property.

Keeping the charm of the original heritage listed workers style cottage, this property transformed from a two bedroom modest home to a cleverly designed three bedroom oasis.


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  • Andrew & Nicole, Balmain
    We engaged The Site Foreman for their tender and project management services. We had a good experience throughout the tender process, finding it well managed and competitive. Through this process we realised we needed someone “working with us” to liaise with the builder, so we proceeded with their project management services. We had a number of challenges with the builder so it was great to have the expertise, experience and sway of The Site Foreman to get through those moments to ensure we achieved a great result, without us being the bad guy all the time. Having a dedicated project manager was most valuable when it came to managing the schedule and the variation process, ensuring claims were reasonable. They provided technical building expertise and had a high level of problem-solving skills. We had strong ideas on the finishes, so we used the interior design services of House To Home Finishes, the sister company of The Site Foreman. Engaging The Site Foreman allowed us to maintain our professional and personal lives over the period of our project. They are “your guys” on the ground only answering to you. If you are not an experienced builder or project manager, these guys will bring a level of process to the project and hold the builder accountable for the outcome.  || VIEW BALMAIN PROJECT GALLERY ||
    Andrew & Nicole, Balmain
    Tender | Project Management
  • Annette & Michael, Croydon
    We had been building our home in our minds for more than ten years, The Site Foreman showed us how to take those dreams and convert  them into a tangible, beautiful home. It takes a special team to understand the clients exact desired outcome and if there was ever the time that you are thinking about ‘how do I do this?’ then The Site Foreman is recommended as a first port of call. Their dedicated and capable team had oversight of our project, and without hesitation, I would not consider such a project without the expertise of project management, tender development and sourcing an appropriate builder. It is all in the knowledge that the reputation of this company rests on the outcome delivered by others. Our build was a positive experience and while there may have been a few speed bumps along the way, the professionalism of this team delivered more than a house, they delivered our home.  || VIEW CROYDON PROJECT GALLERY ||
    Annette & Michael, Croydon
    Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design
  • Diana & David,  Croydon Park
    From the first contact with The Site Foreman, the whole process of design, dealings with council, choosing the builders and the construction phase, through to handover was a wonderful experience. All the costings, council fees and requirements were clearly discussed, and the staff were a pleasure to deal with. I cannot recommend them highly enough. We also used the services of their sister company, House To Home Finishes, for interior design who made the experience exciting. We love our new home and are extremely glad that we chose The Site Foreman.  || VIEW CROYDON PROJECT GALLERY ||
    Diana & David, Croydon Park
    Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design
  • Francisca & Eamon, Annandale
    Thank you so much to all at the The Site Foreman, especially our Project Manager, for making the renovation process as smooth as possible. We very much appreciated your support and guidance on the journey. It's not an easy journey, but we felt very fortunate to have experts advising us along the way. We were also very blessed to have a fantastic builder. Let's hope he continues as one of your preferred builders. He's very good at what he does and we absolutely love our renovation. || VIEW ANNANDALE PROJECT GALLERY ||
    Francisca & Eamon, Annandale
    Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design
  • Magdalena, Lilyfield
    Working with The Site Foreman made the building my duplex relatively effortless. The process they follow in construction paired with their clear communication meant the project ran smoothly. I engaged The Site Foreman for tendering and project management. During the tender process, a high standard of builders were selected, who presented fixed price quotes. This process was easy as I understood the costs and contracts, making my comfort level quite high once I made my decision. Thank you, The Site Foreman, for your time and effort in supporting me through the builder selection process and build. Highly recommended.   || VIEW LILYFIELD PROJECT GALLERY || 
    Magdalena, Lilyfield
    Design | Tender | Project Management
  • Maurice & Lydia, Croydon Park
    From the initial meeting with your Sales staff and Architectural Design Group, you have met our expectations. Your professionalism and knowledge helped us guide us through the planning stage with the Council approval of our plans. Through your input and expertise, you were able to suggest concepts which have enhanced the design of our home. Thank you, The Site Foreman, for saving us from the stress of the design and approval of our home alterations.
    Maurice & Lydia, Croydon Park
    Design | Tender
  • Stewart & Francesca, Petersham
    We had encountered difficulties using a ‘friend’ as our builder.  He over quoted and was not at all transparent.  We began to feel uneasy and booked an initial consultation with The Site Foreman.  Our minds were instantly put at ease as we were given the confidence that our project could be achieved within budget, so we commenced with the tender process.  The value of the tender management service was realised through the provisional allowance. These prime cost schedules broke everything down rather than just being vague estimations.  Having access to a panel of builders was priceless.  Our dedicated project manager was worth his weight in gold!  We had his guidance and support every step of the way.  By working with The Site Foreman, we overcame the fear that we couldn’t produce the home that we wanted, within budget and without any compromises.  If we’d gone with the original quotes, we’d have been $200k over budget and still wouldn’t have achieved what we wanted.    || VIEW PETERSHAM PROJECT GALLERY ||
    Stewart & Francesca, Petersham
    Tender | Project Management | Interior Design