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The NSW Government have  brought forward planning reforms to support productivity, investment and jobs during COVID-19.  To celebrate we’ve introduced a number of ‘Covid-19 Specials to entice those who may be thinking of renovating or building their dream home.

Now is an exciting time to begin your designs and get your DA’s complete so you’re ready to go in six months.  Beat the rush, and you could be living in your dream home before you know it.

The ABS reported in April 2020 that new housing DAs have fallen to their lowest level since 2012.  As a direct result, the NSW Government have brought forward planning reforms by introducing the Planning System Acceleration ProgramThis is great news for our industry, our clients and the immediate future.  Some of the items that the planning reform includes are – 

  • Support councils and planning panels to fast-track local and regionally significant DAs
  • Expedite the COVID-19 planning response by expanding the list of works that can be carried out without the need for planning approval, or under the fast-tracked complying development pathway
  • Create opportunities for more than 30,000 construction jobs in the next six months

And remember – DA’s & CDCs are valid for five years, post approval.

We’ve introduced a number of Covid-19 Specials designed to encourage those who may have put their project on hold as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the planning reforms – reach out to our Design Consultants to discover how our ‘Covid-19 Specials’ could save you money.


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Our response to Covid-19

At The Site Foreman, the usual ‘common sense’ practices remain in place.  We continue to support our staff by carrying out additional hygiene measures to protect our office environment. Currently there are no staff at risk of contracting the virus.  We continue to following advice from World Health Organisation, Australian Government Department of Health, and NSW Health, and remain in constant communication with our clients through the normal channels: email, phone, Zoom, Skype, and social platforms.