Daniel & Eve, Arncliffe

Design | Tender

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the whole team at The Site Foreman for what you all helped us to achieve up until this point. We know a lot of hard work went into getting us here. Thank you especially for your patience and understanding. We think the result will be amazing!

Anna, Croydon Park

Architectural Design

Whilst we had some ideas about the finishes we wanted for our extension, we weren’t sure how they would work with the original home. TSF interior design team helped us combine these ideas into a cohesive concept that flowed from the old heritage-listed building to the contemporary extension. The tender process would have been a time-consuming and tedious process, wading through contracts and forms. TSF took the time and hard work out of this, by completing these tasks and presenting us with a pool of suitable builders to meet and select from.

Kelvin, Croydon Park

Design | Tender | Project Management

We are thankful, we came across The Site Foreman for the design & project management of our dream home. Their architectural team as well as the client services were second to none during the design phase, enabling me to build a new home via CDC approval, in the Inner West. I then proceeded to engage, The Site Foreman for the Tender and Project Management of our build, which was a holistic approach at every phase.. This assisted me in making the entire process more efficient. There beginning to end approach was seamless. We love our new home and highly recommend The Site Foreman for anyone with the ambitions of creating their dream home, stress-free. || VIEW CROYDON PARK PROJECT GALLERY ||

Nelson & Vicky, Castle Cove

Design | Tender | Project Management

We are extremely impressed with the beauty of the design work and the meticulous care that has gone into the work to achieve the goals and objectives we agreed upon. Miguel is a genius with gorgeous fashion taste. To us, that's a manifestation of The Site Foreman's quality delivery and commitment to "designing a home that is uniquely ours".

Barbara & Rod

Tender | Project Management

"Happy to be on this journey together and thanks again to everyone for their hard work and dedication to pull this off."

Jason, Bondi

Tender | Design | Project Management

I just wanted to acknowledge to you our thanks to Peter for staying last night with us to finish a doc review.  We started with him an hour late after going over with the design team and then went over our planned two hours with him also which mean that it was pretty late when he arrived home. His methodical and knowledgeable approach to our task remained 100% to the end.

Mark, Kingswood

Design | Tender | Project Management

The Site Foreman consulted on our renovation. We found them to be a professional team with the skills to manage our renovation process from design to tender. Its attention to detail with respect to capturing all aspects of the build, as well as the communication between us and their team members was exceptional. This is a great initiative on their behalf to simplify the renovation process especially for those struggling with time pressures.

Maisy, St Ives Chase

Design | Tender Management | Project Management

We have used The Site Foreman for architectural design, tender management and project management for our recent renovation. At each stage we found the services provided were well worthwhile and reasonably priced. The team are professional in their approach, explained each step well, took our particular requests into consideration and paid attention to the small details. Our project manager was excellent and was invaluable in monitoring the progress and quality of the project, facilitating communication between us and our builder and negotiating variations with our builder. Overall we have been very pleased with The Site Foreman as they have reduced a lot of the stress and uncertainty with undertaking our project and we have been very pleased with the end product of our renovation.

Prof. Atwell , Riverview

Design | Project Management

I asked The Site Foreman to help me realise my vision of an extended house with guest quarters. I knew that I did not have the time or expertise to do more than respond to the detailed work done by professionals, but also did not want my own conception of the extension to be subordinated by someone else's tastes. From inception to the drafting of plans, iterations of those plans, and preparation of reports, we progressed to submission of the DA. I have been totally satisfied with the project to this point. The technical and aesthetic input has been spot on and the patience and professionalism shown, even with a pre-occupied and distracted client, have been remarkable. I recommend The Site Foreman without reservation for shaping an idea into a plan and a plan into a development application. The next stage awaits.

Thomas, South Hurstville

Project Management | Design

Thank you to all of the Site Foreman team for a fantastic outcome with the achievement of DA Approval, all of which was completed with first-class customer experience. Clear and regular lines of communication throughout each stage of the process. In particular, a praise call out to our Architect, Robert, who took our design brief and created a plan both functional and cost-efficient in nature without compromising the aesthetics of the structure or the finish of the proposed renovations. Some smart inclusions that we never thought possible too.

Sandy, Ryde


Natasha and Stephen from the Site Foreman have been generous beyond our expectations with their time and experience. They were extremely responsive and very friendly.

Francisca & Eamon, Annandale

Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

Thank you so much to all at the The Site Foreman, especially our Project Manager, for making the renovation process as smooth as possible. We very much appreciated your support and guidance on the journey. It's not an easy journey, but we felt very fortunate to have experts advising us along the way. We were also very blessed to have a fantastic builder. Let's hope he continues as one of your preferred builders. He's very good at what he does and we absolutely love our renovation. || VIEW ANNANDALE PROJECT GALLERY ||

Paula & Steve, Ashbury

Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

We have found our experience with The Site Foreman invaluable. From the initial design, to council approval and the build itself, it all went smoothly, which is extremely rare. When we came across any issues, solutions were quickly found and implemented. Trust is an important aspect of building, and I knew our house was in good hands. Our Project Manager treated our house like it was his own, and having him in our corner took all the stress of building away. If I were to do this again, The Site Foreman will be my first point of call. The money spent on Project Management saved us time, money, making mistakes and our mental health. Our building experience was been nothing but positive, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Natalie, Mosman

Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

The professionalism, patience, hard work and persistence of The Site Foreman team turned our run-down tired house into a modern, spectacular home of vastly improved value.  || VIEW MOSMAN PROJECT GALLERY ||

Nick & Antony, Hunters Hill

Design | Tender | Project Management

What attracted us to The Site Foreman was their approach in advising, facilitating and managing the entire renovation process. We engaged The Site Foreman for all three stages of our renovation and are extremely pleased with the result. Their advice, consultation and management met our expectations. We clearly understood what we were paying for at each stage and the value that this offered. Each of the team members we worked with were professional and engaging. They listened to our ideas and provided their own ideas in a collaborative manner. We found the relationship between the project manager and builder to be constructive, which provided a level of assurance that the building services we were paying for were fair and correct. This ensured our project was delivered within the budget and on time. Many of our friends were surprised by how quickly and smoothly our renovation went in comparison to their own experiences. We love our renovated home; it is everything that we’d hoped for. I can't thank The Site Foreman enough for helping us turn our vision into reality. We are more than happy to recommend The Site Foreman for their services in designing and submitting plans, contracting a builder and project management. || VIEW HUNTERS HILL PROJECT GALLERY ||

Annette & Michael, Croydon

Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

We had been building our home in our minds for more than ten years, The Site Foreman showed us how to take those dreams and convert  them into a tangible, beautiful home. It takes a special team to understand the clients exact desired outcome and if there was ever the time that you are thinking about ‘how do I do this?’ then The Site Foreman is recommended as a first port of call. Their dedicated and capable team had oversight of our project, and without hesitation, I would not consider such a project without the expertise of project management, tender development and sourcing an appropriate builder. It is all in the knowledge that the reputation of this company rests on the outcome delivered by others. Our build was a positive experience and while there may have been a few speed bumps along the way, the professionalism of this team delivered more than a house, they delivered our home.  || VIEW CROYDON PROJECT GALLERY ||

Philip & Humair, Woolloomooloo

Tender | Project Management

Site Foreman provides a unique service helping clients navigate the complex world of building and construction. They provided a high-quality professional service, helping get us started on our renovation project taking care of all the approvals and helping us find a builder. Their tender management skills and professional advice were highly valued by us. 

Rabih, Kingsford


The Site Foreman helped us with the approval on our boarding house application. The journey was not easy at all. However, with the great experience of our architect & client support coordinator, their constant follow-up and perseverance, we got the approval in spite of numerous requirements and changes by the Council. The Site Foreman helped us with a feasibility study for the project, then prepared the concept design with three options to choose from. After lodging the application, Council required changes in the design due to changes in the regulations. The Site Foreman team were by our side all the way and never gave up. Their follow-up with the council engineers was so professional and effective and saved us a lot of time and effort. They even helped us in nominating some of the technical consultants. For sure we recommend using the services of The Site Foreman as they provide solutions for all type of construction projects. With them, the client is in safe hands and can have peace of mind while developing his project. 

Stewart & Francesca, Petersham

Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

We had encountered difficulties using a ‘friend’ as our builder.  He over quoted and was not at all transparent.  We began to feel uneasy and booked an initial consultation with The Site Foreman.  Our minds were instantly put at ease as we were given the confidence that our project could be achieved within budget, so we commenced with the tender process.  The value of the tender management service was realised through the provisional allowance. These prime cost schedules broke everything down rather than just being vague estimations.  Having access to a panel of builders was priceless.  Our dedicated project manager was worth his weight in gold!  We had his guidance and support every step of the way.  By working with The Site Foreman, we overcame the fear that we couldn’t produce the home that we wanted, within budget and without any compromises.  If we’d gone with the original quotes, we’d have been $200k over budget and still wouldn’t have achieved what we wanted.    || VIEW PETERSHAM PROJECT GALLERY ||

Dina & Tim, Randwick

Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

It was great to have The Site Foreman and their sister company House 2 Home Finishes on board with our renovation. Their experience, knowledge and planning helped ensure our project kept progressing within our time-frame and was finished to a high standard according to our plans. Their service and advice throughout the process was invaluable and in combination with our builders they have delivered us a house to be proud of. || VIEW RANDWICK PROJECT GALLERY ||

Diana & David, Croydon Park

Design | Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

From the first contact with The Site Foreman, the whole process of design, dealings with council, choosing the builders and the construction phase, through to handover was a wonderful experience. All the costings, council fees and requirements were clearly discussed, and the staff were a pleasure to deal with. I cannot recommend them highly enough. We also used the services of their sister company, House To Home Finishes, for interior design who made the experience exciting. We love our new home and are extremely glad that we chose The Site Foreman.  || VIEW CROYDON PROJECT GALLERY ||

Allen, Greenwich

Design | Tender | Project Management

I engaged the services of The Site Foreman because of my dissatisfaction with the rate of progress of my original architect. Having never built a new home before, I was immediately impressed with the detailed scope of works. It forced me to consider things that ordinarily I would not have thought about. This cleared up any possible misunderstandings and enabled me to make decisions from an early stage, which ultimately led to a realistic budget and building schedule. The Site Foreman gave me a choice of builders. I was very happy with the one I settled on and although I had a good rapport and mutual trust with the builder, it was reassuring to know my project manager was on my side should any dispute arise. I would recommend The Site Foreman to anyone embarking on their first attempt at either building a new home or extensive renovations to an existing dwelling. You may have to pay for their services, but in the end, they will save you money, a lot of headaches and sleepless nights.  || VIEW GREENWICH PROJECT GALLERY ||

Magdalena, Lilyfield

Design | Tender | Project Management

Working with The Site Foreman made the building my duplex relatively effortless. The process they follow in construction paired with their clear communication meant the project ran smoothly. I engaged The Site Foreman for tendering and project management. During the tender process, a high standard of builders were selected, who presented fixed price quotes. This process was easy as I understood the costs and contracts, making my comfort level quite high once I made my decision. Thank you, The Site Foreman, for your time and effort in supporting me through the builder selection process and build. Highly recommended.   || VIEW LILYFIELD PROJECT GALLERY || 

Patrick & Nancy, Culburra Beach

Design Consultation

We absolutely loved dealing with The Site Foreman. They were patient and giving with their time, listened to our ideas and offered different options to ensure we were able make the right choices. They were a pleasure to work with & we wouldn’t hesitate in referring them to our friends and family.

David, Newtown

Tender Management

Initially we experienced the worst of the building industry, while undergoing the DA process under the management of another builder. Fortunately, we were referred to The Site Foreman, a company independent to our existing process who were able to get us back on the right track. Picking up on a project half way through is never easy; but the TSF team were able to sift through the mess, pick up the pieces and identify where additional work was needed to obtain our Construction Certificate. Their dedicated Tender & Project Management team provided a good gauge on the likely pricing of the contract from the very beginning; giving us certainty on whether the project was worth pursuing in a falling market. The tender process was completed efficiently, included all construction documentation and our own project “bible”, which has proven extremely useful throughout the build. The panel of builders added great value to the process, by explaining which costs could be removed and by making improvements to the quality of the finished product. The Site Foreman were always prompt in their response to our questions, and in keeping us abreast of any unexpected bumps along the way. Their guidance and patience gave us confidence to progress with our project; and we now look forward to starting our next renovation with them from the beginning, rather than half way through!

Judy, Lilyfield

Project Management

The Site Foreman Project Management has been the most worthwhile spend on my journey so far! I spend a lot of time on the road and can’t address all the issues, nor do I have the expertise to pick up all the things that are not well done by the trades people. Without my Project Manager, I believe some of the work delivered would be substandard and certain issues would have gone unnoticed until it was too late to rectify them.    

Ben & Jackie, Clovelly

Design | Tender | Project Management

We engaged The Site Foreman to assist us with extensive renovations of a semi-detached dwelling. The services provided were architecture and design, submissions for DA approval, the tender process to decide on a builder and project management through to completion of the build. The process and cost for each stage were clearly stated and there were no surprises with the billing. We found all the staff at The Site Foreman to be professional and approachable and they always showed a keen interest in the progress of our build. Our build went smoothly and was delivered on time thanks to the excellent project manager who worked tirelessly to keep everything on the rails. We recommend the services of The Site Foreman to anyone else who is in a similar position to what we were – with big ideas and not a lot of experience in the building industry. || VIEW CLOVELLY PROJECT GALLERY ||

Jocelyn & Stephen, Lane Cove


Thank you for the fantastic plans created by our architect, and all the expertise and effort that went into it. Our selected builder says it’s a special design and the architect should be given the accolade once completed as a piece of design work that your company can refer to, we look forward to sharing with you our finished home.    

Andrew & Norma Jean, Bilgola Beach

Design | Tender | Project Management

We first contacted The Site Foreman to prepare concept designs for our heritage listed home. Our pre-DA meeting with council was a great success and we decided to continue working with The Site Foreman for our DA submission. The Site Foreman was extremely helpful in ensuring that our design intentions were perfectly balanced with heritage and council requirements and our DA was driven straight through to approval! We continued on to TSF tender management. We were very impressed with the thorough vetting of prospective builders and strong rapport The Site Foreman displayed with the builders. We selected a builder from our shortlist and proceeded to use The Site Foreman for project management. Using the Site Foreman for project management was a great decision and we highly recommend them! We had peace of mind throughout our build thanks to their weekly site meetings, financial management of all builder costs and prompt resolution of potentially problematic construction events that occurred. They acted as a much important buffer and sounding board between us as clients and the builder and most importantly, they delivered a timely completion of the contract. || VIEW BILGOLA BEACH PROJECT GALLERY ||    

Mik & Mal, Ryde


Many thanks for how kind you have always been to us. Our calls were always returned, the service was great and even when there was a few issues we all just met in the middle to find solutions. That’s all you can ask for when you hire someone….. thank you for maintaining this standard during the time it all took to get approved. The initial personal visit to our house was service plus! The architect not once put our ideas down or dismiss and go off on another tangent in design. They listened and suggested and we are very very happy. Our client service coordinator you are a shining star. The bubbly service and direct explanations you provide are A1!

Sandy, Ryde

Design | Project Management

The Site Foreman have been generous beyond our expectations with their time and experience. They were extremely responsive and very friendly... We appreciate the valuable guidance they gave us.

Uri & Tracey, Kingsford

Tender | Project Management

The Site Foreman team were a light beacon when we thought we were going to crash into the rocks. Our previous builder had just gone bust on us, leaving us with a half demolished house and over-inflated quotes. We first engaged The Site Foreman team to undertake an independent Tender and despite providing them with a list builders that we thought were competitive, they found an alternative builder for 20% less. They undertook the due-diligence that we unfortunately hadn’t done the first time which provided comfort that we were on a better track. We already had the plans and DA approval, so we decided to just use their Tender and Project Management services. Our Project Manager was great, called a spade a spade and ensured that we weren’t overly optimistic for the journey ahead. However gave us a sense that any obstacle that a new build presents could be overcome. His guidance and counsel were above and beyond especially given that we didn’t have detailed plans and importantly he was readily available and accommodating to suit our schedule. Most importantly he provided a level of surety that first time builders need, holding our builder to account and saving us thousands of dollars along the way. || VIEW KINGSFORD PROJECT GALLERY ||   

Maurice & Lydia, Croydon Park

Design | Tender

From the initial meeting with your Sales staff and Architectural Design Group, you have met our expectations. Your professionalism and knowledge helped us guide us through the planning stage with the Council approval of our plans. Through your input and expertise, you were able to suggest concepts which have enhanced the design of our home. Thank you, The Site Foreman, for saving us from the stress of the design and approval of our home alterations.

Sammy, Dulwich Hill

Design | Project Management

I have had a great experience dealing with the Site foreman, they were professional and gave open communication throughout the project. Would recommend!

Leigh & Iain, Dover Heights

Design | Tender | Project Management

The Site Foreman services, from initial designs through to managing our DA application, were seamless and cost effective. We were happy with the designs from the initial briefing with their architect. We then used Site Foreman’s project management services to oversee our renovation. Our project manager was fantastic. He offered advice, solutions and great suggestions throughout the project. The Site Foreman presented us with a selection of five builders from different companies, and the builder we chose did a fantastic job. It was a difficult renovation, as our house had to be held up to dig out parking underneath, but despite these challenges, the project ran extremely well. We now have our dream home. || VIEW DOVER HEIGHTS PROJECT GALLERY ||

Lorenzo. Caringbah South

Design | Tender | Project Management

I used all three steps The Site Foreman offered. I’d previously completed a development project; however, I was so impressed by the communication and professionalism of The Site Foreman team, I decided to utilise their services to benefit from their expertise and knowledge. I recall the ongoing struggle and confusion throughout my previous development; I felt much more comfortable having The Site Foreman assist me throughout each stage. The team took the time to discuss my ideas, following up and prompting me for information, meaning I never had to chase them. This level of proactive service made me confident that I had chosen the right team. Our meetings were fruitful and to the point, with intelligent and relevant facts and ideas being tabled by the team. I was especially impressed by my architect. He was demonstrated an astounding skill not only in his designs but also in his ability to listen, absorb and transform my brief into practical and beautiful architectural plans. I’m happy to recommend the services of The Site Foreman to anyone contemplating building or development.    || VIEW CARINGBAH SOUTH PROJECT GALLERY ||

Andrew & Nicole, Balmain

Tender | Project Management

We engaged The Site Foreman for their tender and project management services. We had a good experience throughout the tender process, finding it well managed and competitive. Through this process we realised we needed someone “working with us” to liaise with the builder, so we proceeded with their project management services. We had a number of challenges with the builder so it was great to have the expertise, experience and sway of The Site Foreman to get through those moments to ensure we achieved a great result, without us being the bad guy all the time. Having a dedicated project manager was most valuable when it came to managing the schedule and the variation process, ensuring claims were reasonable. They provided technical building expertise and had a high level of problem-solving skills. We had strong ideas on the finishes, so we used the interior design services of House To Home Finishes, the sister company of The Site Foreman. Engaging The Site Foreman allowed us to maintain our professional and personal lives over the period of our project. They are “your guys” on the ground only answering to you. If you are not an experienced builder or project manager, these guys will bring a level of process to the project and hold the builder accountable for the outcome.  || VIEW BALMAIN PROJECT GALLERY ||

Steve & Naomi, Balgowlah Heights

Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

Having lived in Balgowlah Heights since 1996, we were keen to move closer to the water to capitalise on the stunning views the district has to offer.  This desire coupled with the need to provide more space for our growing family sparked a wish for change. When the property we developed came up for auction in 2009 we jumped at the opportunity to upgrade.  Knowing the block of land was worthy of a substantial home we engaged the services of a well-known local architect. The design was ambitious and warranted the need for a professional project management company to bring it to fruition and within budget.  We engaged The Site Foreman, who guided us with selecting a builder. The process was thorough, and we secured a competitive price.  During the build phase the project manager proved to be effective in managing the builder and facilitating positive outcomes.  I have no hesitation in recommending The Site Foreman to prospective clients.    || VIEW BALGOWLAH HEIGHTS PROJECT GALLERY ||