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  • Roseville

    New Dwelling

    All projects have their challenges and this project was certainly no exception. In fact, it took three years, several development applications and Council reviews to see this outstanding family home was finally approved for construction. The Site Foreman assisted the owners through the entire process; architectural design, tender and project management to create this remarkable home.

    The main hurdle related to the surrounding flora and fauna. A small creek ran through the rear of the property and was found to be home to a particularly rare ‘little green frog’. Once discovered by Council, studies needed to be done and reports written and submitted. It was decided the area was to be protected and therefore the project redesigned to accommodate the frogs habitat.

    Engaging the services of House to Home Finishes made specifying for the interior finishes manageable and enjoyable task for the client. To complement the remarkable design, high quality materials were selected. Spotted gum timber flooring throughout, imported Italian pendant lights to hang over the kitchen island and a hand crafted, random split-faced sandstone feature wall running from outside in at the main entrance.

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