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A Simplified Approach – So You Enjoy the Building Process  


The Site Foreman offers a straightforward, step-by-step approach to simplify the building process.  Each step is offered at a fixed price, enabling peace of mind and concise financial planning throughout your build.  The flexibility of this approach allows you to engage our services at various stages of the building process. 

Step 1. Architectural Design 

Step 2. Tender Management 

Step 3. Project Management 

We specialise in custom design new homes, major home renovations and house extensions, duplexes, boarding houses and multi-residential developments.    

To further add value and streamline your experience, our additional services include landscape architecture, engineering, town planners and heritage consultants.

Feasibility Studies – Maximise your Investment with Confidence

The initial process for planning small to medium density and multi-residential developments commences with a preliminary project assessment. This process is made up of discussions surrounding a client’s desired outcome for the site, their budget, a review of zoning and building codes for the proposed development site to ensure compatibility, and the establishment of the overall parameters that will impact the design. 

The Site Foreman provides feasibility studies to clients who may be contemplating purchasing a new site or upgrading an existing one. With comprehensive investigations undertaken by our highly experienced Principal Architects, we are able to provide realistic design solutions to maximise site coverage, land value and an increase to a developer’s profits.

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Architectural Design – Solutions to Suit Your Lifestyle


Our architects work in-house, offering years of experience and expertise in a wide variety of development styles. Highly skilled in providing design solutions, the team work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements regarding lifestyle, budget, design aspirations, as well as the unique aspects of your project site. 

Our team have comprehensive knowledge of council requirements and legislation, design for your lifestyle and needs and are responsive to budget requirements 

In addition, we offer 3D concept designs, feasibility studies, pre-DA application document packages, council liaison and negation services. 

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Tender Management – Find The Builder That’s Right For You


Designed to ensure no stone is left unturned, our tender management provides you with a detailed scope of work and a fixed price building quote.  Our team will guide you through this paramount stage, so your project is built to specification, completed on time and within budget. 

Your project is presented to a panel of builders, who tender this fixed price quote.  This technique guarantees you a detailed scope of works, a definite completion date, with a licensed quality builder. 

Our experienced project managers are genuinely invested in working through all aspects of your project, systematically and methodically, to safeguard you against cost variations during the construction period.   By identifying smart construction methods with the latest market knowledge of products and applications, you’ll save money in the long run. 

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Project Management – Peace of Mind and Quality Guaranteed


By choosing a project manager to oversee your project during the construction stage assists with making your project will run smoothly and hassle-free.  Our project managers hold current building licenses and are continually improving their professional skills.  They are highly competent communicators and possess key management and delegation skills, and most importantly, are all-round great guys. 


Your dedicated project manager becomes the liaison between you and all dedicated professionals involved in your project, from the builder, to engineers, to landscaper architects, to lighting specialists.  Their overall goal is to work with you and your builder to ensure best practices are adhered to, efficient and effective solutions are implemented, and your design outcomes are achieved.   Your project will be in capable hands, giving you peace of mind and guarantee the highest quality of service and advice. 

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Additional Services – Simplify and Streamline Your Project 

A complete range of additional services are available making The Site Foreman the one-stop-shop for designing and building your dream home.  By offering these services our goal is to streamline & simplify your experience from start to finish.  Your daily routine remains uninterrupted, while our team expertly manages the communication and delegation of all the consultants involved in your project.   

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What our clients say about us

  • Steve & Naomi, Balgowlah Heights
    Having lived in Balgowlah Heights since 1996, we were keen to move closer to the water to capitalise on the stunning views the district has to offer.  This desire coupled with the need to provide more space for our growing family sparked a wish for change. When the property we developed came up for auction in 2009 we jumped at the opportunity to upgrade.  Knowing the block of land was worthy of a substantial home we engaged the services of a well-known local architect. The design was ambitious and warranted the need for a professional project management company to bring it to fruition and within budget.  We engaged The Site Foreman, who guided us with selecting a builder. The process was thorough, and we secured a competitive price.  During the build phase the project manager proved to be effective in managing the builder and facilitating positive outcomes.  I have no hesitation in recommending The Site Foreman to prospective clients.    || VIEW BALGOWLAH HEIGHTS PROJECT GALLERY ||
    Steve & Naomi, Balgowlah Heights
    Tender | Project Management | Interior Design

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