Consultant Services

As part of the Development Application or Complying Development process, the services of a number of consultants will be required depending on the project and the individual council’s or legislative requirements.

Our Client Information Coordinator manages the services of any external consultants engaged on your behalf you may require to streamline the process for you. We offer the most experienced and reliable professionals available to the building industry. The selected experts we engage on your behalf have been working with The Site Foreman for many years.

All of our preferred consultants work within the guidelines of each Council’s requirements contained in the relevant LEP (Local Environmental Plan) and DCP (Development Control Plan) to produce outcomes with the view to gaining approval. The documents are reviewed by your nominated architect and project manager prior to final sign off.

The Site Foreman’s professional relationship with this group of experts, leads to time and cost effective solutions for your project. This important component of our turn-key system ensures that the various consultants acquire the necessary information to maintain momentum and are managed effectively to obtain cost savings, assist with problem resolution and aid in timely submissions and on site start dates.