In order to acquire a Construction Certificate (CC), all of the required conditions of your Development Application (DA) Council building approval must be adhered to. Our Client Information Coordinator produces a DA Report as a complimentary service for our architectural design and tender management clients, creating a check list to work through leading up to application for the CC to be issued.

An DA Council approval will have its own set of conditions in addition to the standard requirements. For example you may require the services of a Structural or Geotechnical Engineer, along with the standard requirements of drawings needing to be updated to construction level, and fees that need to be paid. Our DA Report identifies all of the items which need addressing, and we can manage the timing and coordination if you choose to work with our Private Certification services.

The benefits of choosing to work with a Private Certifying Company for approvals and certification is the level of service received. We find that there is timely turn around on documentation approvals and momentum is maintained once the build commences. The certifier is available at any time to answer questions or offer assistance throughout the construction period.

Our certifier has the capacity and experience to approve Construction Certificates, Complying Development Certificates, issue Occupation Certificates and act as the Certifying Authority, conducting all required inspections over the life of the project.

The fees for engaging the services of the Private Certifier are fixed and include the relevant certification and approval to commence, the mandatory onsite inspections and the occupation certificate. Additionally requested inspections or call outs for neighbour issues are charged at additional rates, as & when required & approved.