Project Management

Step 3  |   Project Management

Peace of Mind and Quality Guaranteed 


By choosing a project manager to oversee your project during the construction stage assists with your project running smoothly.  Our project managers hold current building licenses and are continually improving their professional skills.  They are highly competent communicators and possess key management and delegation skills, and most importantly, are all-round great guys. Your dedicated project manager becomes the liaison between you and all dedicated professionals involved in your project, from the builder, to engineers, to landscaper architects, to lighting specialists.  Their overall goal is to work with you and your builder to ensure best practices are adhered to, efficient and effective solutions are implemented, and your design outcomes are achieved. 

Challenges can arise during a construction period, knowing how to handle them in a timely manner can save you time and money. Where it is unusual, should issues with neighbours arise our project managers are experienced in problem resolution to avoid any situation escalating unnecessarily. 

Our Project Management Package fees are fixed. The package fees are based on single residential projects only. Medium density, multi-residential and commercial developments will be quoted individually based on the specifics of the project.   Your project will be in capable hands, giving you peace of mind and guarantee the highest quality of service and advice.