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Tender Management

A detailed Scope of Works is paramount to an
on-time, in budget build result

Tender Management

STEP 2 of our system is the Tender Management Package

Proven to be extremely valuable when selecting a builder to work with, this package walks you through developing a detailed scope of works and gaining a fixed price building quote. This scope of works is paramount to ensuring your project is built to specification, completed on time, and on budget.

Our team of Project Managers maintain a current builders license and continual professional development. They are genuine, invested and extremely experienced in the art of scope writing, they will work through the detail of your project from front to back ensuring every detail is considered. Our document standards and systematic approach are instrumental to the success of this stage. There is a solid motivation is to save you money through using smart construction methods and having up to date market knowledge of products and applications.

The flexibility of our model and the adaptability of our packages means that, if you have DA approved or Certificated Complying Development (CDC) plans you can engage us and take advantage of our Tender Management Package. Please note that client supplied plans and documentation must be assessed as satisfactory to qualify for this package.

‘Apples for Apples’, Fixed Price Building Quotes

Our Tender Package is designed to ensure nothing is left out so you receive ‘apples for apples’, fixed price building quotes. People often find they are caught with cost variations for items not quoted. The detailed scope will include all building materials, methods and applications for the base building inclusions. This overall detailed process is designed to safeguard against variations occurring during the construction period.

In addition, a Provisional Allowance (PA) Schedule is developed for the inclusion of both PA and Prime Cost items. In this schedule, indicative sums are placed against items not included in the fixed construction cost value, allowing you more control over the purchasing of these items and insured inclusion of all essential items. These sums are based on your desired level of finish and estimated on current market value, they can change as you wish as the planning develops further. This schedule is included in the tender package so the builder allows for installation & services provisions where required.

Selecting a Quality Checked Builder

Once the Tender Document Package is complete it is offered to a panel of qualified builders for quoting. The panel is primarily made up of regularly used, license checked, quality builders, however we always welcome recommendations you may wish to include, subject to license checks by our diligent team.

The tender release process is managed by our project team to ensure that all documents are correctly prepared and included in the tender offer. The document package is made available to the tendering builders for the tender period only via our cloud based FTP site.

A scheduled ‘Open Day’ walkthrough, conducted by your project manager is offered to the tendering builders which will further minimize any guess work on the builder’s behalf. This window allows the builder the opportunity to view the subject site and any existing structures, discuss an element of the design or documents with the project manager as well as meet with you, the client.

At the close of the tendering period, the tenders are collated and assessed ensuring “Apples for Apples” responses. The tender results are presented to you with a view to move forward to selecting a builder and signing your fixed-price contract based on money and time. If need be, changes to the scope can be made to align quoted pricing and your budget. Any required negotiations are made by us on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.

Tender Management Package

Our Tender Management Package fees are fixed and based on the budget estimate for the cost of construction. The project budget estimated noted by The Site Foreman is an opinion of probable costs only and is in no way intended to be taken as the actual cost of construction. The tender package fees are based on single residential projects only. Medium density, multi-residential and commercial developments will be quoted individually based on the specifics of the project.

Package Inclusions:

 tick Attend an initial site visit to appraise and photograph the site and discuss project requirements in detail
 tick Translate plans, consultant’s documentation and associated Council information
 tick Prepare detailed scope of works and provisional allowance schedule (inclusive of PA & Prime cost sums) for initial review
 tick Make changes to scope, as required post client review until completely satisfied
 tick Liaise with House to Home finishes for interior specification and scoped requirements
 tick Collate and prepare the tendering documents:

– DA plans
– DA conditions
– Scope of works & provisional allowance schedule & specifications
– Photographs
– Structural & hydraulic engineering
– Surveys
– Consultant specific reports

 tick Upload the tender package to a cloud based, secure FTP site for the tendering builders to access
 tick Attend the onsite open day for tendering builders to assess the site and discuss details of the project. Clients are invited to attend and meet the builders for a Q&A opportunity, also allowing an insight into the project manager’s level of knowledge and ability to engage with the builders
 tick Evaluate with senior management each tender response and recheck all tendering builders’ licenses and insurances
 tick Collate the tender responses into our presentation document format
 tick Conduct the tender presentation outlining:

– Tender prices
– Proposed contractual period
– ASIC checks
– License checks
– Australasian Legal Information Institute checks

tick Prepare contractual documents, using the Department of Fair Trading building contract and all other relevant documents if required


*The Tender Management fee packages do not include the cost of acquiring a Construction Certificate, engaging a Certifying Authority or the cost of any specialist consultants services which may be required as a condition of your DA Consent. Satisfactory documentation is required for this Tender Package, insufficient information may result in increased costs for client provided documents.


  • “I did a major project of renovating an old terrace house in Woollahra that was heritage listed. The professionalism of the team was immediately evident. I was consulted at all stages. The scope of works was developed as a team approach and we had the final say. The three building tenders were presented on time. I did not feel rushed or pressured in any way as to which builder I chose.”

    Review on heritage listed house renovation service
  • The Site Foreman helped Steve realise his ambitious architectural designs. Our team provided Tender & Project management services and because of their knowledge and expertise we were able to to turn the architectural designs into a fabulous new home. Below you can find the kind words Steve would like to share with you:

    “Having lived in Balgowlah Heights since 1996, we were keen to try and move closer to the water and capitalise on the stunning water and district views, this desire coupled with the need to provide more space for our growing family sparked a wish to change. When the property we are now developing came up for auction in 2009 we jumped at the opportunity to upgrade. Knowing the block of land was worthy of a substantial home we engaged the services of a well-known local architect.

    The design was ambitious and warranted the need for a professional Project Management company to bring it to fruition and importantly on budget. We met The Site Foreman at the Home Show and have been with them for approximately 18 months. They have helped guide us through the appointment of the builder which we undertook in 2 stages. The process was thorough and helped us secure a competitive price. During the build phase they proved to be very effective in managing the builder and facilitating positive outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending TSF to prospective clients.”

    Tender & Project management review , Balgowlah Heights
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