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HIA Sydney Home Show 2020 | Renovate, Design & Inspire


HIA Sydney Home Show | 13 – 15 March 2020

Image: John Eussen, Joumana & Stephen Moore / The Site Foreman

Renovate Design & Inspire

The Renovate, Design + Inspire Stage was the place to grab all the latest advice for your renovation or building project. Experts gave presentations on everything from kitchen & bathroom design, interior styling and smart home automation to all the renovation tips, tricks and plenty of advice.  The Site Foreman founder Stephen Moore and Joumana Moore from House 2 Home Finishes took the stage on Friday & Saturday to present ‘The Must-Knows Before you Renovate or Build’.

View the video here on our YouTube Channel.


Presentation Highlights

Where can you save money in a bathroom & kitchen when you renovate?

Make choices on the fixtures & fittings that suit your requirements and the needs of those people living in the home.  There’s no need to get all the latest gadgets just for the sake of it.  This is a great way to keep costs down and ensure that the space is functional that works for you and your family.

Use your Interior Designers to help guide you with storage space, plan out cupboards and drawers for all that you need them for.  Not only will this save money, but you’ll end up with the perfect amount of storage areas for the items you use in these rooms.

What’s the difference between an interior designer & an interior decorator?

A decorator focuses on soft furnishings, artwork, placement of items etc.

A designer works with the architect at an early stage to determine the detail and layout – ceiling heights, plumbing layouts, standards of bench heights, toilets, taps, detailed joinery drawings, and ensuring the overall continuity of a home.

What is a project manager and why engage one when you renovate or build?

A project manager will oversee the project documentation & specifications throughout the build, they take on the responsibility of contract administration.  They also become the conduit between the client and the builder, managing that relationship and ensuring communication is kept clear.  The project manager is the captain of the ship – they make sure that all the contractors & consultants are working together to achieve a common goal.

What to consider when downsizing?

In a small property, knowing how to get bang for your buck is key. An architect & interior designer both add value as they implement designs to incorporate natural lighting, ventilation, clever storage solutions, and other key design tricks to make the most out space.

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