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We will get through this together | The Site Foreman responds to COVID-19


We will get through this together | Our response to COVID-19


Dear Friends of The Site Foreman,

As news of the COVID-19 virus monopolises our media, so it is also a focal point to personal and professional conversations. We take this moment to reassure you, our clients and your families, that we approach these extraordinary times with common sense, communication, and professionalism. While taking extra safety measures, we continue to operate as ‘business as usual’, giving you certainty and peace of mind that your project journey remains our focus.

We will get through this together.

We are actively implementing our response to this situation. Following advice from only reliable sources, including the World Health Organisation, Australian Government Department of Health, and NSW Health, we will minimise the number of face-to-face meetings. In the event that you would prefer this option, our staff will continue to communicate constantly, consistently, and transparently, through the normal channels: email, phone, Skype, and social platforms.

Additional measures have been carried out to protect our office environment. We are regularly sanitising common spaces, door handles, etc. and have made hand sanitiser, antibacterial soap and disinfectant wipes available for all employees. Currently there are no staff at risk of contracting the virus; and in the event this changes, as a company will be implementing the direct advice from relevant government bodies.

Your project has and always will be considered a journey, and please rest assured that this journey can and will progress, despite this capricious and unpredictable crisis unfolding. We value our relationship with each of you, and want you to continue to place your trust in The Site Foreman.

We are dedicated to standing together, as we all navigate these unprecedented times and to continue with the journey toward your new home.

Yours sincerely,
Steve Moore
Managing Director – The Site Foreman



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